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Twitter for Beginners

Twitter is nothing new, it has been around for over 7 years now, if your business isn’t on twitter there is nothing wrong with that. It all simply depends on what you do. Twitter is for businesses who,

  • Appear as experts to get business
  • Are very small or unknown
  • Have a target market that is young and changing
  • Businesses in dynamic industries

What types of businesses are these?

  • Restaurants, Fast Food
  • Real Estate – Agencies, Agents, Investors, Managers, Buyers
  • News media – Local, National and Niche
  • Marketing – Recruiters and Employers
  • Sales – Clothing and Boutique

How can you start a twitter microblog?

  1. Think of a Twitter username
    1. Keep it short
    2. Stick to your industry or brand
      1. Target a geo location if you have trouble getting a good name (CTBrewers)
    3. Log onto register at
    4. Test your twitter handles (Try to avoid numbers)
  2. Follow influential people in your locality.
  3. Twitter may be global (over 300 million users), but nothing gets it done like local content- know your local area influencers
  4. Like in LinkedIn for Beginners, Twitter has an interest in you following others and you maybe you even getting followers so they can show you ads.
  5. Look at some Tweets and then try it out
    1. Always keep your Tweets clean and short
    2. Joke if you can be funny and not offensive
    3. Remember to be kind and share others’ pertinent information
  6. Givers gain – Twitter for Beginners is simple, now try LinkedIn for Beginners or LinkedIn the Ultimate Networking Tool

Find out “Who to follow on Twitter” (Me of course – @MrChrisMEdwards) and find out “What’s a Hashtag and other Twitter lingo ($, RT, @)” on one of the next pages.

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