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One of the challenges of daily life is remembering passwords. They can make it a real buzzkill when you want to log into anything from your email account to your bank. A niche industry arrived years ago to keep track of all those passwords, reducing the likelihood you’ll be hacked. Have you tried one? If not, why don’t you demo this one at


It allows you to share password securely with spouses, business partners, attorneys and assistants. Use it to log into children’s accounts, to keep track of your business passwords or track forgetful family member’s financial information quickly. Are you sharing passwords or duplicating them across accounts? You shouldn’t be.


The share functionality is something my business has been using for years to give and get access to critical business platforms for clients.


LastPass is secure and encrypted. In a time where we feel like our digital information is just as important as our physical property it’s keeping the digital secure. Consider this example. Which is a juicer target to a criminal your house or your home equity line of credit? The line of credit is cash, they’ll go for that every time. So don’t store your passwords unencrypted on your phone, get something more secure like the LastPass app for iPhone or Android.


Chris Edwards Marketing, LLC is helping families go through the easy setup for LastPass which costs $12 a year to get mobile access, it’s free for desktops. If you have an hour or two and your passwords ready you can try LastPass on your own. And if you can get it done without help or assistance hooray. If you can’t reach out to us and we’ll assist you in person or remotely for our standard hourly rate. We encourage you to try it and the strife of getting into accounts will wither away.


Email for help.

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