Create Local Content That Carries Weight and Increases Sales in 4 Steps


Create Local Content That Carries Weight and Increases Sales in 4 Steps

Content curation is an art and a science, it takes times, an understanding of your clients and typically an in-depth knowledge of your business and the local environment. The social impact and economics of content curation are staggering though. Your goal is to make your customers smarter, leave them with something they didn’t know and they’ll become attached to your brand. If you keep up the blogging than you should create a steady stream of customer interest, leads and sales.


4 Steps to Local Content Creation


1. Organize – Your content strategy will help you succeed. Benjamin Franklin once said “If you fail to plan you plan to fail” and he’s right. Take a look at your market, understand what local qualities your clients are looking for. Is your business close to local entertainment? Is it the highest quality available? Does it come with 24/7 customer service or a warranty? Are you fully insured? Who is standing behind it, etc.


2. Implement – Once you’ve come up with an organized plan write content that speaks to your audience and make sure you include your audiences’ geographic location, your objective (what you’re delivering), their objective (what they will be receiving) and how to make it happen (how do you close a deal, a call, an email, etc). Fairfield County is full of e-commerce companies, sales companies and retailers who aren’t blogging and have trouble getting sales across town borders. When you’re selling across borders you have to relocalize your content for a new audience, think about what New Yorkers or Bostonians want.


3. Feedback – Use the feedback from your clients to tell stories. For instance if all your clients come from the same industry and they are all geographically centered then you need to localize everything about your content. If you sell real estate in Darien, CT in Fairfield County you should use every conceivable keyword to your advantage. Here’s a few to get your minds going.

Real Estate – Long Island Sound, Darien, Noroton Heights, I-95, Darien Train Station, Country Club of Darien, Close to Stamford, Train, Parkway, Darien High School


4. Measure Success – Your success with blogging will be based on your consistent posting, managed expectations and utilizing the right content for your target market. Keep that in mind when you’re writing and good luck Fairfield County.


If you need a marketing specialist to help you organize, implement, measure feedback and measure success let us know.

Article inspired by 6 Ways to Kill Your Blog.

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