Chris Edwards is one of the volunteers working with Kids Draw Free in Downtown Stamford. Chris is volunteering his content marketing and PR skills to help increase community knowledge. He is also using his marketing and sales experience to get local vendors, corporations to take notice of the enriching social program #KidsDrawFree is providing to the Stamford community.

It’s Chris’ goal to help take KidsDrawFree national, expanding it to regions like Minnesota, Wisconsin, Houston, Austin and San Francisco. Right now our target is Farifield County Connecticut. We do private parties, corporate parties for children, community events/ block parties and more in the Connecticut area. We just ask that the party thrower pay for the materials, markers and picture frames to help fund our hard costs.

If you’d like KidsDrawFree at your next party or you like to visit the stand we are typically next to the Palace Theater every Saturday, from 11 AM to 4 PM in Downtown Stamford, CT. Or reach out through the Kids Draw Free website.